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Evolution, Creationism and Intelligent Design: Equal Theories?

The late scientist Carl Sagan said, “Exraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Creationists (people who oppose evolution) make rather extraordinary claims that deserve to be addressed. They claim they didn’t evolve from apes, and on that point they are almost correct. The scientific evidence shows hominids split off from a common ancestor of modern apes. Homo sapiens (that’s us) evolved from hominids. Why did I say the creationists were almost correct? Human beings are apes. We’re not the same as those you see in the jungles or the zoo and we didn’t evolve from them, but we are cousins (no other two species on this planet are as closely related to each other as humans and chimpanzees. There’s only a 2% difference in our DNA). We’re just a different kind of ape.

Creationists say humans were created in the image of “God Almighty.” How do they know that? Do they have a photograph of God? They claim they know this is true because God, “clearly states (it) in His written Word (Bible).” Unfortunately, they fail to specify which of the hundreds of different and often conflicting Bibles they claim God wrote, and sadly, there is no original to compare any of them to for accuracy. They also do not mention why they believe God wrote “The Bible.” Nobody yet has been able to quote anything from that tome that only a God could write or inspire. Not one word. 

Creationists claim, “Many scientists fall on both sides of the evolution/creation debate,” but fail to tell us why they think this is true. The evidence for evolution is overwhelming as is its support by the worldwide scientific community and it is not up for debate. On the other hand, there is zero evidence that any “god” created anything. Creationism, also known as “Intelligent Design,” is not a “competitive theory” as its proponents insist—it is an unfounded belief based solely on wishful fantasy and idle speculation. It is not supported by credible evidence. As for the existence of a “god,” the scientific evidence is clear, as Richard Dawkins explains, “Nothing we know of requires the existence of a god to be explained.” There doesn’t appear to be any need for such an entity, nor is there a definition that makes any sense (For example, the contradictory attributes of the Judea-Christian-Islamic God render His existence impossible).

But as the saying goes, “Absence of evidence does not mean evidence of absence.” My mother was a devout evangelical Christian. Her parents, brothers and sisters were Bible-banging, Hellfire-preaching, born-again Christians, praise Jesus! Yet she accepted evolution as an indisputable scientific fact. So did her church and her family. None of them saw any conflict with their deeply held Christian belief. 

Creationists might want to give this some thought: I don’t believe in any “god” only because I’ve seen no rational reason to do so. Although I think it highly unlikely, there could be a god of some sort, but certainly not any of the gods described thus far by religions. So let’s say some kind of a God exists and that it created everything. If that is so, and since evolution is a solid, unwavering, scientific fact, then evolution must be the way this god chose to create living things. That’s what my mother believed. In fact, that’s what the very institution responsible for Christianity—the Catholic Church—believes. 

Anti-evolutionists recommend reading the Bible to learn of our “true origin,” Many also claim “There are also several other scientific works written by creation scientists,” but the Bible is not a scientific work and “creation science” is an oxymoron. Creationism and ID are not scientific theories, they are nonsense. True, there are a few people who claim to be scientists who promote creationism, but they are on the extreme fringes of the scientific community, have no credibility and can be easily dismissed as crackpots or scam artists.

We are asked by Creationists to keep an open mind. I ask them to do the same, and to consider the fact that, like my mother, many millions of devout Christians have accepted the coexistence of evolution and the Bible. The Bible claims a day to God is like a thousand years to man. A thousand years to the ignorant, primitive nomadic goat herders who made up the tales that became the Bible may have seemed like an infinite period of time. I don’t know if they even had a word for “billions” or “millions,” but perhaps the Bible’s six days of creation actually meant 4.5 billion years (the age we KNOW the earth is). Did God form Adam from the dust of the earth? I don’t think so, but for the sake of this discussion, maybe. There is evidence the first protocells formed in clay. 

Evolution should not frighten Christians and other believers. We know it is a fact, so if God exists, evolution must be God’s way. Creationists, I suggest you and your brother Muslims thank Him for it.

Are Jews, Christians and Muslims Lunatics?

Worship of the moon was the beginning of the superstitions and myths that evolved into Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Therefore, members of any of the three cults may properly be referred to as lunatics. 

Belief in a "god" may comfort some people, but it is irrational in that there is absolutely no supportive evidence. Such belief is strictly emotional in nature, but it is not to be easily dismissed because we are emotional creatures with real emotional needs. 

As Carl Jung pointed out, the harsh realities of life, and of our world and universe are simply too frightening for many people without the comforting reassurance of a protective, parental "god" who fills the role parents played when they were infants. The fear of life and adult responsibility is at the heart of all religious belief.

The Difference Between Delusion and Faith

Faith is when I think my car is still where I last parked it even though I cannot see it. It is based on the evidence that I do own a car, I parked it, and in the past it has always been where I parked it when I returned to it. I am aware, however, that it might not be there because it has been stolen by someone or towed away for some reason. 

Delusion is when I have no rational reason to believe I have ever owned a car, have never seen a car, have never driven or parked a car, and there is no evidence whatsoever that cars actually exist, but am 100% certain an unseen car is right around the corner waiting for me to jump in and drive it away.

Does the Fear of Death Make You Afraid to Live?

A wealthy man living in a giant mansion in Beverly Hills, California asked his butler, a man who had served him faithfully for 30 years and whom he loved dearly, to go to the market. "James," the wealthy man said. "I'm planning a small gathering of my friends this weekend,\so please pick up twelve cases of Beluga caviar and ten pounds of white truffle."

James had Simpson the chauffeur bring the limo around and drive him to the market. Barely enough time to reach the market had passed when the wealthy man heard his limo zoom into the driveway and its brakes screech as it slid to a stop. James barged in through the front door, his eyes big and his sweat-covered face white with fear.

"What's the matter, James?" His employer asked. "Wheres the truffles and caviar?"

"Oh, please," James gasped out of breath. "Please let Simpson use the limo to drive me to Mudwater Flats, Arkansas. I've got to get out of Beverly Hills right away!"

"I don't understand," the wealthy man said. "Why are you in such a panic to leave?"

"When I walked into the market, I saw Death standing inside dressed in his black hood and holding his scythe. He lunged at me when he spotted me, but I got away and returned here as quickly as possible. Please let me go, boss, please."

James' employer shook his head sadly. "I can understand your panic now. Yes, go tell Simpson to drive you to Mudwater Flats." He handed James a large roll of $100 bills. "Here's some cash to tide you over. Let me know your address when you get to Mudwater flats and i'll send you more." James thanked his boss and quickly departed in the limo with Simpson.

The wealthy man paced the floor for a few minutes after James left. He was angry. James had been a wonderful butler and a good friend. He hated to see him go and he was damned angry at Death for frightening his man away. He decided to go to the market himself and give Death a piece of his mind.

Death was right where James said he had been when he saw him. The wealthy man walked up to Death. "I'm quite angry with you," he said.

"Why?" death asked.

"Because when my butler James entered this store about thirty minutes ago, you lunged at him and tried to take him. It frightened him so, he has run away!"
Oh, I didn't lunge at him," Death explained. "I jumped in surprise to see him here because I have an appointment with him tomorrow at Mudwater flats, Arkansas."

Do you avoid doing things you want to do because you are afraid of dying? Many people won't fly in an airplane because they fear crashing in it. But even if you think you're safe from death by staying at home and doing the things you would like to do (if it were not for that fear) death will eventually find you. How do YOU deal with that fact?


The all-volunteer military is UN-American in that it is unrepresentative of our population. 

I prefer a draft over the all-volunteer military, especially if there are NO DEFERMENTS--except for serious physical or mental disability. Why? The middle and upper classes are not as keen on enriching the military-industrial complex by getting their kids killed in unnecessary, illegal and immoral wars as the 1% ruling class is on using lower class urban and rural children from dead-end towns and farming communities as cannon fodder.

Most in the middle and upper classes don't personally know anyone KIA or wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan, so the wars never touch them. Start sending THEIR kids to your war and you better have a damned good reason if you want to keep waging it. 

Without cowardly Cheney-like deferments and Bush-like corruption and favoritism, the draft can also provide a better racial and cultural cross-section and people with greater intellectual abilities and talents. Meanwhile, an all-volunteer military attracts mostly poor people whose only hope for a decent future is to join the military--and sociopaths who want to kill other human beings.

Due to difficulty getting enough people to sign-up, the all-volunteer military must lower its standards (it has) and accept older people than desired as well as people with criminal histories (witness the U.S. gang graffiti now found all over Iraq and Afghanistan), poor educational attainment, and questionable mental health.

The corrupt Republican, Blue Dog Democrat and neo-con cowards, and their masters in the 1% ruling class who suck the blood of our soldiers and the victims of our wars oppose the draft. They do so because they know once ALL of America must fight, bleed and die in the wars they dream up, their rule will be overthrown.


1. NOBODY has planned to build a mosque on “Ground Zero,” not ever. There are no plans for a new mosque in the neighborhood because a mosque already exists there as it has for MANY YEARS.

 2. The group falsely accused of planning to build a mosque on “Ground Zero” are actually planning to renovate an old coat factory about half a mile away and turn it into a COMMUNITY CENTER for ALL the New York City religious communities as well as a basketball court.

 3. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf heads the group. He has a long history of standing against al Qaeda as do his fellow Sufi Muslims.  He teaches young Muslims to support other faiths and freedom of religion in their efforts to build a strong America.

 4. Intelligence organizations such as the CIA say that the LIES of the media and opportunistic Republican politicians and other fools screaming with rage about the non-existent plans to build a mosque on “Ground Zero” exacerbated by crackpot Christian groups who want to burn the Quran, are actually HELPING AL QAEDA.


Is illegal immigration in the United States really a problem? If it is, should Arizona take the lead with their approach, or is there a more just, humane and pragmatic action we can pursue? Let's consider each question separately:

1. Illegal immigration is a serious problem in the United States for the following reasons: 

A. Employers exploit the poor, undocumented workers, underpay them and deprive them of benefits. This is unfair
     to the undocumented workers.

B. Paying undocumented workers less and depriving them of full benefits is unfair to American citizens and legal immigrants in
     that it drives down overall wages and benefits and undermines the workers right to form labor unions.

C. Hiring illegal immigrants contributes to high unemployment among legal immigrants and American citizens because these
     legal residents cannot afford to work for the low wages and little or no benefits that illegal immigrants will work for. It is often
     said that undocumented workers do the work American's won't do. This is a LIE. Americans want the jobs, but because of the
     exploitation of undocumented workers, they simply cannot afford to work for, are unwilling to give up their rights and refuse to
     be enslaved as the illegal aliens are. 

D. Medical facilities, schools and other public resources are overrun by illegal aliens--we simply cannot afford this constant drain
     on our communities.
E. Illegal immigrants contribute to America's rising crime rate. It is argued by some that the crime rate committed by illegal aliens
     is no greater than that of citizens and legal immigrants, but even if true, that's not relevant. What is overlooked is the fact that
     crimes committed by people in the United States who are not here legally increase the overall U.S. crime rate. If such persons
     had remained in their own country where they belong, the crimes they commit would not add to our own enormous crime rate.
     We have enough crime in the united states and do not need to import more.

2. Is there a more just system?

A. We have an established, regulated system of legal immigration in the United States. Tens of thousands of would-be American
    citizens are patiently waiting their turns to enter our nation legally. It is UN-just for us to permit non-citizens to ignore our laws,
    stream across our borders, take jobs and public resources legal immigrants need and then to remain in the U.S. indefinitely.
    To permit this injustice to continue is immoral--it is unfair to those millions of law-abiding people who wish to make positive
    contributions to the United States. Legal, regulated immigration is the only just system and must be enforced.

B. What about a Guest Worker program for temporary foreign workers? Such a program would be acceptable but only if it meets
     the following criterion: 1. All such work must pay the prevailing U.S. wage and cannot be below the federal Minimum Wage.
     Full medical, Social Security and retirement benefits must also be part of the employment package. 2. It must be shown that
     legal residents refuse to accept such employment before any Guest Worker permits are issued. 

3. Is Arizona's law a humane approach?

A. It is inhumane, and I think Un-American (and illegal), for law enforcement authorities to stop anyone they "think" might
     be in the U.S. illegally and demand proof of legal residency. There must be strong "Probable Cause," that is not based 
     solely on an officer's opinion that the person "looks like a Mexican," or some other nationality. "We can tell by their shoes,"
     claimed one Arizona authority. I was born and raised in Colorado, but I often wear worn-out European-made shoes because
     they are comfortable. Will that sun-baked hick stop me? How many Americans walk around with their birth certificates stuffed in
     their pockets? 

B. It is inhumane to round up people like cattle, imprison them and break-up families. Yes, they are here illegally, but don't take
     your eyes off what has caused this: the insatiable greed of capitalist pigs. The cause of this problem are the employers who
     exploit  the poor, desperate undocumented workers and who wish to drive down overall U.S. wages and benefits and destroy
     the labor movement. Take away the cause and the problem will go away on its own.

4. Is Arizona's law pragmatic?

A. Arizona's law is the antithesis of pragmatic; it is unworkable. It probably will not be able to stand up to the hundreds of legal
    challenges it is sure to face. Even if Arizona's law prevails, studies show it is not economically feasible. The legal system will
    be overwhelmed. The United States (let alone the dinky flyover state of Arizona) simply cannot afford to round up 12 million
    or more illegal aliens and deport them. Thanks to the Wall Street capitalist pigs , we can't even finance our schools or fill
    potholes in our streets.

The Just, Humane and Practical Solution:

There must be a final amnesty program and path to legal citizenship for the 12 million undocumented workers who are already in
the United States providing they can show they are employed, have been law abiding and can meet the same standards required of 
people wishing to immigrate to the united states legally. Those who cannot measure up must be deported to their country of origin.  

It should be a felony to hire an undocumented worker for any purpose from a private citizen who hires even one worker to mow his or her lawn or help with a move to large companies who hire many undocumented workers. The mandatory penalty paid by all persons convicted of violating the law, corporate and private, should be 5 years in prison and permanent forfeit of all assets. In the case of a company or corporation, all its executive staff, officers and directors would be imprisoned. Their personal assets along with all corporate assets (including all stock held by investors) would be seized and sold off. The funds derived would be added to the general federal revenue. The only way to motivate a capitalist pig to behave ethically is to hit the pig in the pocketbook and take away its freedom. Nothing means more to a capitalist than its material assets: money, money, money--not even human life.

Foreign nations should be billed $500,000 for each of its citizens who enter the United States illegally.  

When the jobs dry up, people will stop flowing across our borders illegally. When those who are here illegally and do not qualify for an amnesty program realize there are no jobs for them, they will return to their homeland where they belong. The few who won't should face arrest, imprisonment at hard labor for 5 years, and deportation upon release from prison.

The borders should be secured with sufficient personnel and electronic means to prevent unlawful entry into the United States. legalization and regulation of marijuana and other drugs could end the problem with drug smugglers. Legalization of drugs is a subject we haven't yet touched on in here. Perhaps we will in the future. 

Another subject not touched on, but in need of our consideration is what to do about Mexico? It is in our interest to get rid of the corrupt Mexican regime that oppresses millions of Mexican citizens and makes conditions in their country so intolerable they flee to the United States in order to feed their families and escape the cesspool Mexico is. How about an "Alpha 66" program for the Mexicans? We might discuss this possibility next.


Tea Bag Party Members Busy Tea-Bagging America's 1% Ruling Class

I don't know who originally wrote this, but I thought it worth sharing with you:


We had eight years of Bush and Cheney, but now you get mad! You didn’t get mad when the Supreme Court stopped a legal recount and appointed George Dubya Bush President. You didn’t get mad whenCheney allowed energy company officials to dictate energy policy. You didn’t get mad when a covert CIA operative got ousted by traitors. You didn’t get mad when the Patriot Act got passed.

You didn’t get mad when the cowardly Dickless "Five Deferments" Cheney and the gutless DESERTER George W. Bush illegally invaded a country that posed no threat to us. You didn’t get mad when we spent over 600 billion dollars (and counting) on that illegal war. You didn’t get mad when over 10 billion dollars just disappeared in Iraq. You didn’t get mad when you found out we were torturing people. 

You didn’t get mad when the government was illegally wiretapping Americans. You didn’t get mad when we didn’t catch Bin Laden. You didn’t get mad when you saw the horrible conditions our military heroes suffered from at Walter Reed. You didn’t get mad when we let a major US city drown. You didn’t get mad when we gave a 900 billion dollar tax break to the rich. You didn’t get mad when, using reconciliation; a trillion dollars of our tax dollars were given away to insurance companies for Medicare Advantage which costs over 20 percent more for basically the same services that Medicare provides.

You didn’t get mad when the deficit hit the trillion dollar mark, and our debt hit the thirteen trillion dollar mark. 

You finally got mad when the government decided that people in America deserve the right to see a doctor if they are sick. And, because most people who support the Tea Party "movement" are racists, you got mad because a half-white/half-black man was elected president of the United States. 

Yes, illegal wars, lies, treason, corruption, torture, stealing your tax dollars to make the rich richer are all okay with you, but helping your fellow American citizens… oh hell, no.

The Tea Party is NO "movement." It is a fake Astro-Turf scam organized and financed by Republican pigs under direction of the 1% of our population that rules the United States. The ignorant fools who participate in the Tea Party are manipulated by their masters to work against their own interests. Tea Party members would stupidly fight to the death to allow the ruling class to continue to rape them and their families. Meanwhile scam artists like Sarah Palin and the Republican Party are cashing in big time, making themselves rich by taking advantage of your appalling ignorance, childish emotionalism and stupidity. You are tea-bagging the ruling class. Suck it up, suckers!

Good News About the Tea Party Tea-Baggers: Less than one percent of Americans support those idiots. Most Tea Party participants are old, unhealthy and obese and, thankfully, will be dead in just a few years.

Real revolutions are made by people in their 20's and 30's. The real revolution is coming, folks, and that's when we will say good-bye forever to the capitalist pigs who destroyed the United States of America.    

The Collection Agency Industry is UN-American

Why should creditors have the right to hire a third party comprised mostly of thugs to threaten and harrass debtors--often in illegal ways--instead of openly, honestly and morally pursuing their claims through the established civil court system in the manner set forth by law pursuant to the Constitution of the United States?

When a creditor hires the "services" of a collection agency, the creditor is admitting three things:

1. The creditor has no respect for U.S. civil law.

2. The creditor does not honestly believe he or she has a valid claim against the debtor (otherwise why not pursue the claim openly, morally and legally in civil court?). Many creditors make the irritating squealing capitalist pig whine that they cannot afford to bring legal action against each person who fails to pay them. If that is true, then why are the creditors selling their products and services to so many people who cannot or will not pay? 

Is the creditor really that stupid, or, as most capitalist pigs do, is he or she using high-pressure sales tactics, advertising misrepresentation and consumer fraud to entice as many people as possible to buy regardless of their ability or willingness to pay? And why don't people pay? Is it because they have realized they were lied to and defrauded by the creditor in some way? Is it because they cannot pay because capitalist pigs committed widespread fraud that crippled the U.S. and world economy, costing the debtor his or her job? Studies show that very few people skip out on their bills only because they want to cheat the creditors and get something for nothing. 

3. By giving away half (or more) of the total amount claimed to the collection agency, the creditor admits to committing criminal fraud because the goods or services sold were actually worth only half (or less) as much as the creditor (mis)represented to the debtor during the original transaction.

People who own collection agencies are traitors. People who work for collection agencies are UN-American scum. What kind of person will whore his or herself out to capitalist pig creditors to harass, threaten and intimidate fellow American citizens who have lost their employment because of the actions of greedy and corrupt capitalist pigs? Only a U.S.-hating sociopath would accept such a job.

Here's two excellent Internet sites loaded with info on how to protect yourself from collection agencies and other capitalist pig sociopathic scum:

THE BEST INTERNET SITES FOR ENLIGHTENED PEOPLE (or those who wish to be enlightened)

Effective today, I am starting a list of Internet sites I recommend. I will start with only one at this time, the one site I feel to be the best source for anyone who wants to learn about Christianity, Islam, Judaism and many of the other superstitious cults that have infected too many societies for far too long. This site is well-documented and will give the activist everything he or she needs to kick religious apologists around the block:

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